Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen14 photos
This small house needed a major kitchen upgrade, but one that would do double-duty for the homeowner. Without the square footage in the home for a true laundry room, the stacked washer and dryer had been crammed into a narrow hall adjoining the kitchen. Opening up the two spaces to each other meant a more spacious kitchen, but it also meant that the laundry machines needed to be housed and hidden within the kitchen. To make the space work for both purposes, the stacked washer and dryer are concealed behind cabinet doors but are near the bar-height table. The table can now serve as both a dining area and a place for folding when needed. However, the best thing about this remodel is that all of this function is not to the detriment of style. Gorgeous beaded-inset cabinetry in a rustic, glazed finish is just as warm and inviting as the newly re-faced fireplace.