Resale Update, Kitchen8 photos
This CT kitchen was remodeled with one purpose in mind: to add value to the home for quick resale. Different than remodeling for the specific tastes and lifestyle of unique and individual homeowner or family, remodeling for resale means keeping the finishes neutral and keeping the financial investment low. To achieve that end, a medium brown cabinet finish is paired with a warm beige backsplash. The porcelain floor tile is also neutral allowing the dark Ubatuba granite to create all the contrast in the space. Ubatuba is one of the most affordable and readily available natural stones on the market. This makes it a perfect option for homeowners looking to update on a budget while still bringing the value of natural stone to the kitchen. However, it's still a gorgeous stone, with a dark green undertone accentuated by coppery flecks. The combination of all these parts creates a beautiful kitchen that nearly any buyer would feel at home in, evidenced by the quick sale of this property. The purchaser's comment: "I want that kitchen."